How does VOiCE work?

VOiCE builds on two widely adopted and effective tools: The National Standards for Community Engagement and LEAP - Learning Evaluation and Planning:

VOiCE is organised around the key planning and evaluation steps of Analyse, Plan, Do and Review. Using this structure VOiCE asks key questions related to good community engagement that need to be addressed at each step, provides a recording system for the engagement as it develops and enables evaluation and learning from the experience.  

VOiCE invites the user to address each of the questions in Analyse, Plan, Do and Review as they become relevant to the engagement and record relevant information. These recordings build up throughout the process of the engagement and enable the user, with other participants, to:

  • reflect on what you are trying to achieve,
  • develop plans that relate to your purpose,
  • monitor progress in implementing your plan,
  • evaluate the process and outcomes

Throughout the engagement VOiCE will also provide users with access to:

  • handy hints that are relevant to the particular stage of an engagement process
  • worked examples of how the data base can be used for different types of community engagement