Useful Resources

'VOiCE User Guide'

The Guide will explain some of the main functions for the VOiCE Software.  You will find valuable information about creating an engagement, uploading documents, adding Editors and Reviewers and creating your own reports.  This Guide is designed to be used to support users following training.

Download 'VOiCE User Guide'

'Scoring Criteria - VOiCE 1-6 Scale'

The Scoring criteria, for use in the Review stage, has been adapted from HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) 'How Good is our.......' publications.  Use the scoring criteria to assess whether you have met the National Standards for Community Engagement and if you have achieved your outcomes.

Download 'Scoring Criteria'

'Review Questionnaire'

The Review Questionnaire has been designed to compliment the Review stage of the VOiCE tool.  It is best used as the basis for a facilitated discussion with Partners about how well the engagement has met the National Standards for Community Engagement.

Download 'Review Questionnaire'

'National Standards for Community Engagement'

The National Standards for Community Engagement are clear principles that describe the main elements of effective community engagement.  Introduced in 2005 and revised in 2016, the Standards are designed to improve the quality of community engagement in Scotland.

Download 'National Stardards for Community Engagement''