Worked Examples

VOiCE contains a series of worked examples under various themes for illustration and to assist the user to think about the kind of data to record against each field.  On the engagement details section the user is asked to identify an engagement theme, this theme will then populate the more information/ example button on the tool.  The current themed examples on the system include:


Engagement title: Neighbourhood Recreation Budget - Robertshill. 

Glenleith Council has decided to conduct community engagement on a neighbourhood basis to determine priorities for spend of its capital budget for recreational facilities.


Engagement title: NHS Anywhere - Urban and Rural Cancer Services Review

NHS Anywhere have been reviewing cancer services in order to fully implement a pan-Anywhere model to ensure that all cancer patients receive equitable quality of care as recommended by SIGN Guidelines. In addition to the multi-disciplinary team based at the Anywhere Cancer Centre, Clinical Nurse Specialists based remotely also provide specialist care and support.  The community and voluntary sector also support patients.

The remote and rural challenges are complex and communication between all the teams is essential to ensure the sustainability and success of the future NHS Anywhere cancer service.

Social Care:

Engagement title: Nothing about us without us - Everyone Housing Association

Everyone Housing Association has opened a new supported accommodation project in Glenleith for 24 people with learning difficulties. It is as ‘core and cluster' model with 6 flat units within the community but with office space for support staff and facilities for communal activities available in a central location. The Association adopts a social model of disability, embraces the principles of the national ‘Same as You' policy and the demand of disabled people: ‘nothing about us without us'. It wishes to develop the new service with full commitment to user participation.

More themed examples will be added